Banona Studio | Battle of Cosmos
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Created in

Autodesk Maya


Substance Painter

World Creator


Redshift 3D

After Effects


I created a quick trailer of a fictitious sci-fi film with the 3d spaceship I did last year. This is a story about how mankind started the cosmic war on colonizing Mars. The race to discover and use the resources on another planet is just the beginning but another country was secretly building a space military base in an unexplored part of Mars.


After creating the 3D spaceship, I created the scene layout with the 3d landscape and added a cosmonaut by @karoona3d to add some drama. I added quick camera animation and composite with additional VFX in Ae. I recorded and did a timelapse of my process below.

Battle of Cosmos Updated


Part 1: Environment

Part 2: Cosmonaut, Lighting, Previz

Part 3: Texturing inside C4D

Part 4: Initial Compositing

Part 5: Addtl. Lights and Camera Animation

Part 6: Final Rendering and Compositing