Jona Banona | Art and Motion Director
Jona Banona is an Art & Motion Director in US
motion graphics, art director, creative director, motion designer, cinema4d, after effects, design director, 3D designer, style frames, CGI, VFX
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About Me

Jona started her career as a traditional artist, became a full scholar and graduated with latin honors in the pioneer Multimedia design school in the Philippines in 2006. Her traditional artistic talent fused with fascination in digital media have led her to become a multi-displinary designer and animator. She grew her practice and went to Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood,CA. She is dedicated to creative excellence and continues to work as a Creative/Art director with top notch clients and leading international brands in the US today.


My mission is to create beautiful things that are functional and valuable to the world. I believe in building a strong creative team with values of excellence, hardwork, discipline and collaboration. With our expertise brought together, we strive to imagine bigger to produce impactful and innovative work for our forward-thinking clients and audience.


13 Years in Design, Animation and Post Production

Work for Top International Brands and Clients

Focus on Agency, Post and Digital Production work

Four Years of Multimedia Design Education

Continuous 3D & Visual Effects Practice

And Countless Time of Figuring Things Out

and Making Ideas Happens

Worked for top companies

Odd Entities


Crafting creativity ever since
Odd Multimedia




Jona Banona