Banona Studio | motion graphics, 3d, 3d animation, times square ad
Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
motion graphics, 3d, 3d animation, times square ad
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Broadcom OOH

Agency: Centerline Digital


Broadcom partnered with Centerline to produce an eye-catching animation that will amplify their brand awareness and promote their new “Bigger” campaign. The campaign’s objective is to cultivate support, reinforce current relationships with Mainframers, and establish credibility as a collaborative partner by sharing knowledge and enhancing engagement. The 30-second animation features Broadcom’s Mainframe experts conveying a powerful message about thinking big and delivering greater value.


Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Account Director: Morgan Butler

Creative Director: Amy Kaufmann

Senior Art Director: Brian Marx

3D Production, Compositing & Animation: Jona Daluz

Rotoscoping and Clean-ups: Gabriel Daluz

Senior Project Manager: Sara Heckman

3D, Compositing, Motion Design