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Aveva connected industrial economy
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Aveva Connected

Agency: Centerline Digital


In the dynamic landscape of industrial advancements, Aveva, a leading technological solutions provider, recognized the need to showcase its pivotal role in shaping the future of the connected industrial economy. To effectively communicate their journey, Aveva turned to Centerline Digital to create the event’s visual experiences. The challenge was to create a visually stunning narrative that would be displayed on a grand panoramic stage and four distinct screens, each representing a crucial stage of the connected industrial economy.


Aveva’s vision for the event was to encapsulate the entire journey of the industrial economy into four progressive stages: Design, Build, Operate, and Optimize. The ultimate goal was to vividly illustrate Aveva’s impact on every step of this transformative process. 

The Design stage was all about innovation and blueprint creation. Transitioning to the Build stage, the panoramic screen evolved into a bustling construction site. The Operate stage illuminated the ongoing processes within industrial operations. The grand finale came with the Optimize stage, where it depicted complex data streams transforming into actionable insights highlighting Aveva’s role in harnessing data to drive efficiency and innovation, thus propelling the industrial economy towards its zenith.
Centerline Digital embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of each stage while seamlessly integrating Aveva’s solutions. The result was an awe-inspiring visual masterpiece that left a lasting impression on the audience.
Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Head of Client Engagement: Kristen Powers

Project Director: Meryl Robinson

Senior Art Director: Jona Daluz & Rob Burke

3D Production Lead: Chelsea Long

3D Animator: Jeff Salvado

2D Animation & Compositing: Jona Daluz

3D, Motion Design
event, event video, event visuals, panorama, stage visuals