Info - Jona Banona
Jona Banona is an Art & Motion Director in US
motion graphics, art director, creative director, motion designer, cinema4d, after effects, design director, 3D designer, style frames, CGI, VFX
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Creative Shoutouts

Amy Mckeel - Group Account Director (Centerline)

While Jona has ALWAYS been an invaluable member of our team, within the past month she’s gone above & beyond in the thoughtfulness and quality of her work. She is tireless in supporting the work we’re doing the best way she can, whether that’s ensuring that our designers are starting from a solid foundation or providing actionable, strategic feedback. And even though her plate is extremely full, she’s responsive and dependable — often doing more than what’s asked of her just to make sure that we’re putting out top-quality work.


Thank you, Jona!! You are so appreciated!

Marc Thaler - Director of Content (Centerline)

Sometimes the toughest creative challenges aren’t coming up with that completely new idea, but instead finding subtle ways to make a known commodity unique. That’s certainly the case as the “You Don’t Know Jack” team works on the latest video in a successful series for Watson Customer Engagement.

Jona is a big reason this latest asset has the visual elements it needs to stand on its own—without losing the artistic components required to live in the YDKJ family. I’d say it’s a tall task for a seasoned Centerliner, let alone someone who’s still relatively new to the company.


But here’s why Jona is clearing that hurdle: She is hard-working, thoughtful, and open to dialogue and feedback. She is super smart and a team player.


Keep it up, Jona! This project is better because you’re on it.

Lindsey Suggs - Account Manager (Centerline)

Jona stepped up and knocked it out of the park on leading her first SAS project! Not only were we dealing with a super quick turnaround, leaving minimal time to get up to speed on the brand, but she was also having to figure out how to strike a balance between SAS and a business partner’s branding. Without Jona’s vision, creativity, and guidance, we would not have been able to deliver creative that the client team LOVED and that was approved in the first round, except for light copy edits! Thanks, Jona! Really appreciate you taking the time to learn about the brand on such short notice!

Brian Pace - Senior Art Director (Centerline)

Towards the very end of pre-production, I needed some 3D assets reworked. With no availability elsewhere in-house, Jona worked after hours and over lunch breaks to get me the changes I needed for our shoot. Thanks, Jona!

Dustin Helverson - Senior Video Editor (Centerline)

Jona has a talent that is boundless. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a whole new skillset waiting to be unearthed. Our collaborations on Cloudera and other projects over the years have been some of my favorites. It’s always a joy to see where she’s going to take a project next.


[email protected]

A one-woman powerhouse of graphic design and visual effects - Imagine FX Magazine Planet of the Arts

Features and Recognitions

Lürzer's Archive's 200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide - 2022-2023

Lürzer’s Archive – 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide –  Lürzer’s Archive, the celebrated creative resource for advertising professionals worldwide, has been offering a full set of inspirational tools since 1984: Lürzer’s Archive magazine; Lürzer’s Archive 200 Best Specials; the Lürzer’s Archive website, plus our wide range of apps.


Since 2004, Lürzer’s Archive has been publishing the 200 Best series, featuring a range of different volumes focusing on a variety of graphic design disciplines. Each carries only work by the best 200 creatives to have submitted to the respective volume. Titles in this series are published every two years. A jury specially convened for each volume selects from the work submitted the items they consider to be the best.


Out of many thousands of entries around the world, the jury was tasked to select the top 200 best digital artists. It’s truly an honor that Battle of Cosmos and Color Blocks were among the selected artworks to be published in the renowned advertising book. You can see my Lurzer’s Archive [LA] profile here.

School of Motion (C4D ASCENT) - 2020

School of Motion – C4D Ascent –  Cinema 4D Ascent is one of the School of Motion’s C4D courses that will teach you the fundamentals of some of the most important and marketable 3D concepts.


I’m currently taking the course on my own time and during the time I was submitting and posting my exercises on Instagram, the School of Motion and the Creative Director EJ Hassenfratz featured my works on their IG channel. I saved the stories in my Jona.banona IG in Features. EJ had also reached out and asked to post three of my works to feature on the C4D Ascent Sales page in 2020. You can see the work featured in Weeks 1,2 & 3 in the course overview section.

Buck Design's BuckUBuck - 2020

#BuckUBuck – The #buckuback hashtag is Buck’s way to celebrate and show appreciation to their loyal fan base. Each week they get oodles and oodles of truly inspired submissions. The winners of their weekly #buckuback contest get a quarter of a million eyeballs on their artwork and a place on the Bucky board in our L.A. office. The hashtag has also been a great way for them to scout new talent.


The submission for Week 51 is about works celebrating the black community and pushing reforms about the current injustice caused by racism. The submitted work was posted under the @Oddmultimedia IG and was fortunately selected among the thousands of submissions around the world. Watch the short motion piece in Instagram or here.

Behance Typography Served - 2016

Typography Served – Curated work from the leading creatives on Behance. Behance is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access talent on a global scale. Typographic Quotes & Words was featured on January 19, 2016.

Adobo Design Awards - 2013

Adobo Design Awards aims to champion the Philippines’ best designs and recognize the talents behind the work. Trone Brand Energy “Fireflies” – Finalist in Best Design Broadcast Animation Category.

Imagine FX Magazine - 2012

ImagineFX is the only magazine for fantasy and sci-fi digital artists. ODDMIRATIONS Art Portfolio was featured in Planet of the Arts Section on July 2012.

CG SOCIETY - CG Badge 2009

The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. 3D Ducati Streetfighter earned CG Badge as Featured Artwork in 2009.

  • De La Salle – CSB (College) in PH – Culay sa Bukang Liwayway On the spot painting contest – 1st Place
  • TRANSCO painting contest (National) in PH – 1st Honorable mention
  • Libertas Magazine On the spot pastel painting contest (Intercollegiate) Powerbooks in PH – 3rd Place

De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (School of Design & Arts) Bachelors of Art Major in Multimedia Arts

  • Full SDA Scholarship Grantee
  • Consistent Dean’s Lister from 1st year to 4th Year
  • Featured in Best of Benilde 2006
  • Cum Laude with GPA of 3.512