Banona Studio | Applied Color for 3D Design
Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
C4D, 3D Design, Dan Zucco, Redshift Rendering, Color Blocks, 3D, Photorealism
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A fun, bold colorful animated blocks loop

Creative Treatment

2D Design

3D Design: Cam 1

3D Design: Cam 2

3D Design – Cam 3

What I like about this exercise is that I am able to flex that graphic design skills and transform them into 3D motion graphics. I’ve followed the lectures from Dan Zucco in building this colorful 3D design from scratch. The only part that I’ve worked differently was working with a different shading and rendering system. I created a custom-colored wood texture on a node-based shader system from Redshift. Part of my goal was to create photo-realistic colored blocks that look used. The shader graph shows the node system in which textures are connected to different parameters to achieve this look. I’ve planned to create some AOV channels for After Effects compositing. To add some more fun I added a music track and an animated logo towards the end to finalized the 3d animation.