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Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
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Aveva Photo Composites

Digital Agency: Centerline Digital


Aveva’s technology brings data insights to various industries through three captivating scenarios. Collaborating with the client, we devised a creative plan to create high-tech 4K photo composites. Rooted in Aveva’s brand and product interfaces, our Art Concept illustration with UI design and 3D references formed the basis of each scene.



Transitioning into the 3D production phase for crafting the setting, we delved into various backdrop and illumination options. Ultimately, we crafted more luminous surroundings, dialing back the ominous futuristic aesthetic. Introducing a 3D character as a reference, we honed in on the appropriate poses and lighting for the impending photoshoot. In the preliminary compositing phase, we showcased the UI design and Data lines. Our collaborative efforts saw Chelsea and myself concentrating on the 3D environments, Rob conceptualizing the UI, and Marcos fashioning the Data lines.


Taking the project to the photoshoot, Meryl and I accompanied the client. I played a pivotal role in directing the actors/actresses for each scene on the set. In the interim, I performed tests by incorporating the photos into the 3D environment. This involved a rudimentary compositing of the photos, much to the client’s delight as they witnessed the images materialize. A key challenge lay in ensuring the overall composition seamlessly transcended various formats. To illustrate its versatility and placement, we furnished the client with sample ad layouts.


Enter the post-production phase, where the true enchantment unfurled. With meticulous care, I merged and elevated the photographs with the digital backdrop, evoking sheer satisfaction from the client due to the breathtaking outcomes.


Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Head of Client Engagement: Kristen Powers

Project Director: Meryl Robinson

Senior Art Director: Jona Daluz & Rob Burke

3D Artist for 1st & 2nd Scene & Comp Lead: Jona Daluz

3D Artist for 3rd Scene: Chelsea Long

UI Design and Concept Sketches: Rob Burke

UI, Data Lines Comp: Marcos Zanet

Production Manager: Derek Brown

Photo Shoot Supervisor: Jona Daluz

Creative Producer: Abigail Gebo

3D, Compositing, UI Design, Visual Effects
3d, collaboration, Compositing, futuristic, high tech, photography