Jona Banona | C4D ASCENT
Jona Banona is an Art & Motion Director in US
motion graphics, art director, creative director, motion designer, cinema4d, after effects, design director, 3D designer, style frames, CGI, VFX
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Cinema 4D Ascent is a 12-week Advanced Cinema4D Course instructed by EJ Hassenfratz, a multi-Emmy awarded motion designer and artist. He is currently the Creative Director of the School of Motion. Learn more about this course here.

Exercise No. 1

Modeling shape elements / Scene Layout / Shading / Lighting / Redshift Rendering / Compositing 

(Creative brief, SOM bottle, and scene background provided. I did additional work on water simulation using a plugin from Hot4D and Compositing using After Effects)

Exercise No. 2

Shading & Texturing / Lighting / Physical Rendering 

(3D Scene with Characters provided. I did additional work on UV mapping using RizomUV on some scene elements and Substance painter texturing in fire hydrant)

Exercise No. 3

Shading & Texturing / Lighting / Animation / Redshift Rendering / Compositing / Editing 

(3D Scene was provided with the lucky cat with arms animated. I did additional work on UV mapping using RizomUV on the cat’s body. I also picked the music that captured that Chinese fortune vibe and edited it for my animation scenes)

Exercise No. 4

Redshift Node-based Shading & Texturing / Lighting / Redshift Rendering / Compositing 

(The animated scenes were provided.)