Banona Studio | Cloudera Now 2022 Set and Styleframes
Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
motion graphics, 3d, 3d set, set design, opening video
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Cloudera Now 2022


3D Set Design

Graphic Design

Motion Design


The challenge is to create set design and opening video for theĀ annual marquee virtual event that highlights the latest product announcements and innovations at Cloudera through visionary keynotes, educational breakouts and more.


3D Set Design

As an art director, I’ve created the set design using 3D visualization. After taking the photos from the location scout, I coordinated with the Creative Director and discussed the idea of the set that I needed to design. I made several studies and variations of the set design.

Opening Video

Motion Design

As an art director, I designed the opening video by creating style frames and storyboards based on the design theme of the event provided by the client.

Design & Motion


Agency: Centerline Digital

Art Director / Set Design / Storyboard: Jona Daluz

Motion Designer: Lucas Schama