Banona Studio | 3D Battleship
Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
Spaceship, 3D, Hard surface modeling, shading, texturing, lighting, rendering, environment layout, animation, compositing
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3D Battle Spaceship


I’ve taken a Hard Surface modeling program for 10 weeks that was instructed and mentored by Jay Machado, a VES awardee and Model supervisor from Industrial Light and Magic working on Star Wars films.


This advanced course had to push my limits to create a hard surface model using the most up to date tools and techniques in the CG industry during a limited free time. Part of our tasks includes 3D modeling, sculpting, and retopology workflow, creating greebles, kitbashing (provided model kitbash), basic mechanical rigging, detailing, UV mapping, packing, and working with UDIMS and utilize Substance painter for texturing and Redshift3D for rendering. Our instructor provided weekend reviews and live questions and answers which had a great impact and overall kept us committed to our tasks and goals.


This 3D model was created using the following software and programs: Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Redshift


Special thanks to Heng Z for the 2D Concept of the battle spaceship. 

Feedback from the Instructor


“It’s been a pleasure to have you in the class! I’m really proud of the work you accomplished in 10 weeks. This is really amazing! That you not only modeled but also textured this asset in 10 weeks. It’s really astonishing! This is the first term to really dived into the textures like this. It’s really cool! I think that all of the steps to get to this point were all based on your hard work in this class. I’m really proud of the work you’ve done and you should be as well! You’ve got some nice renders for your Artstation.”


Jay Machado, Model Supervisor (Star Wars, Mandalorian) Industrial Light & Magic

Substance Painter Texturing

Final model with complete UV maps

UV Mapping, Packing and UDIM Organization

Detailing and Cleaning-Up Topology

Rigging and Animation Constraints

Greebles and Kitbashing

3D Modeling

Sculpting and Retopology

Image Reference and 3D Blocking