Jona Banona | 3D Revolution Mill
Jona Banona is an Art & Motion Director in US
architecture, renderings,
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3D Revolution Mill

Advertising Agency: Common Giant Creative

About This Project


Revolution Mill was formerly Cone Mills flagship in Greensboro that is currently undergoing a $100 million renovation to become the newest community in Greensboro, NC to live, work and play. They commissioned Common Giant Creative to create three different 3D visualizations; Apartment View, Office View, and Outdoor View.


During the ongoing construction, we gathered all reference materials and photographs that will help us visualize their goal for each rendering. I made sure to take photos of the space and textures that need to be similar to the actual renderings. I led a group of three 3D artists including myself to produce these massive renderings in a short period of time. I prepared the project schedule and coordinated with the client regarding our progress. I took some photographs of their Client’s staff to be included in the renderings. I also did the print compositing to finish the 3D renderings. The project was a success. The client loves them and used them during their event and all other press releases.

Architectural, CGI, Compositing
3d rendering, architectural rendering, cgi, Compositing, photo manipulation, visualization