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Vivy Animation

Agency: Common Giant


Vivy is a consumer pain management product that uses diathermy to relieve pain and muscle tension and improve joint mobility. An animated video was used to launch the brand and product in CES 2016 (Las Vegas).


I led and directed a team of artists and animators to create this animation. The project entailed a blend of motion graphics and character animation. Specifically, I designed the artistic direction for the characters and motion design elements, actively participating in the animation of some character-driven sequences.

I’m delighted to convey that the client’s response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive. They expressed genuine admiration for the outcome, recognizing and valuing the collective effort our team invested in bringing this project to fruition.


Agency: Common Giant

Creative Director: Phillip Oakley

Account Director: April Hamilton

Art Director/Designer/Illustrator/Animator: Jona Daluz

2D, Character, Illustration, Motion Design
art direction, character animation, illustration / design, motion graphics