Jona Banona | Fuse TMS Video
Jona Banona is an Art Director and Designer in US
motion graphics, art director, creative director, motion designer, cinema4d, after effects, design director, 3D designer, style frames, CGI, VFX, brand, brand design, brand identity
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Fuse TMS Video

Advertising Agency: Common Giant Creative


The purpose of this video is to showcase solutions addressing logistics challenges. The primary goal is to illustrate how the system’s intuitive features enable efficient and swift organization and delivery of various items.

I was responsible for designing the storyboard and overseeing the visual effects for this live-action product video. In addition, I undertook the role of art director, creating the graphical user interface, and orchestrating the animation of certain visual effects and motion graphics sequence. I also provided direction to our lead animator who also worked on the motion graphics and visual effects shots.


Agency: Common Giant

Creative Director: Phillip Oakley

Copywriter: Thomas Donahue

Art Director/Storyboard/VFX Supervisor: Jona Daluz

Video Editor: Blake Faucette

UI Designer: Jona Daluz

Lead 2D Animator/VFX Artist: Gabriel Daluz

2D & 3D Animator/VFX Artist: Jona Daluz

3D, Graphic Design, Motion Design, UI Design, Visual Effects
graphical user interface, motion graphics, motion tracking