Banona Studio | IBM WCE Tealeaf
Banona Studio is an international design and motion studio
Motion graphics, Art Direction, Animation
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IBM WCE Tealeaf

Digital Agency: Centerline Digital


IBM Tealeaf (now acquired by Acoustic): AI powers the customer insight that drives differentiated digital experiences. Tealeaf maintains behavioral analytics leadership by delivering measurable business benefits around revenue, customer retention, and cost and time savings to organizations across industries.


We created a high-impact video to help announce to the market that Tealeaf is better than ever. We follow the style of the Customer Analytics and Watson Assistant video in a hugely bolder way. The visual components of this video are composed of live-action, 2D & 3D animation with some visual effects. This older version used the IBM WCE brand guidelines before it was acquired by Acoustic and rebranded the video.

Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Account Manager: Sandy Covais

Creative Director/Copywriter: Josh O’Dell

Senior Art Director/Storyboard: Jona Daluz

Project Manager: Ailee Taggart

Producer: Alisha Hawkins

Lead 2D Animator: Gab Daluz

2D Animator: Marcos Zanet

3D Animation: Michael Heid

Designer: Jona Daluz & Kareena Detwiler

Sound Designer: Brandon Chapman & Dan Schneider

2D, 3D, Graphic Design, Motion Design, Video