Jona Banona | motion graphics, character animation, pre-roll
Jona Banona is an Art Director and Designer in US
motion graphics, art director, creative director, motion designer, cinema4d, after effects, design director, 3D designer, style frames, CGI, VFX, brand, brand design, brand identity
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Qlik Pre-Roll

Digital Agency: Centerline Digital


We prepared some high-quality screenshots from based on a preferred, pre-planned user experience and content flow. Once all screenshots are designed, we edit and animate them into an energetic, snappy video that visually demonstrates the benefits and features of the platform. No explanation is required. We combined it with some character and motion graphics to make it more personal and fun.


Digital Agency: Centerline Digital

Account Director: Amy Mckeel

Creative Director: Brian Taylor

Senior Art Director/ Storyboard/Designer: Jona Daluz

Animation: Gab Daluz

Sound Designer: Dan Schneider

Project Manager: Anna Anthony

2D, Character, Motion Design