Jona Banona | Go Global Motion VFX
Jona Banona is an Art & Motion Director in US
Visual Effects, 2D animation, 3D Animation, Motion graphics
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Go Global Motion VFX

Creative and Post Production: Odd Multimedia
2D, CGI, Motion Design, Visual Effects
About This Project

Go Global

I created a concept for a VFX shot and 2D animation sequence for HPU’s Go Global campaign. The look and feel of the animation came from the school’s poster artwork. It was animated and integrated into the shot. We created the 2D & 3D animation and reference the style of that poster.


We originally plan to create more 3D sequences but due to time and budget constraints, the client reduced the shots to be made and had the 3D scenes created in 2D instead.


Creative and Post Production: Odd Multimedia

Creative Director/Storyboard/Designer/Animator: Jona Daluz

VFX Artist and Animator: Gabriel Daluz