Jona Banona | Go Global Motion VFX
Jona Banona is an Art Director and Designer in US
Visual Effects, 2D animation, 3D Animation, Motion graphics
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Go Global Motion VFX

Creative and Post Production: Odd Multimedia
2D, 3D, Motion Design, Visual Effects


I conceived a VFX shot along with a 2D animation sequence intended for HPU’s Go Global campaign.

The animation’s aesthetic was derived from the visual style of the school’s promotional posters. This aesthetic was applied in both the animation creation process and its seamless integration into the live-action shot. Both 2D and 3D animation techniques were employed, keeping in mind the stylistic elements presented in the poster.


Creative and Post: Odd Multimedia

Director/Designer/Animator: Jona Daluz

VFX Artist and Animator: Gabriel Daluz