Banona Studio | IBM Supply Chain Interactive Demo
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IBM Supply Chain Interactive Demo

Digital Agency: Centerline Digital
3D, Graphic Design, Interactive, Motion Design, UI Design


We created an engaging and dynamic demo activation for IBM Watson Supply Chain that was used by our clients in their product events as part of their interactive installation.


Our main goal is to attract attendees to the interactive experience that provides context and essential information about IBM Watson Supply Chain. This experience simplifies the complex scenarios of global supply chain and deliver the benefits of having the IBM Watson platform integrated to their clients’ businesses.


Agency: Centerline Digital

Account Director: Nicole Taylor

Account Manager: Sandy Covais

Interactive Creative Director: Dante Passera

Group Art Director: Adam Mittner

Art Director / Concept Designer: Me

Project Managers: Ailee Taggart and Daniela Huber

Interactive Designer: Kurt Edwards

Developers: Ideum and Cameron Bolinger

UI Animation guide: Danny Rubyono

3D Team: Ink and Giants and CGI Pixels